About Me
I was attending Santa Monica College in Santa Monica, CA during the 2004-05 year and needed to get my art prerequisite out of the way, and there it began, I enrolled in a photography course. The class itself was very basic and mundane, but it was there with my first, film camera that I discovered how much I enjoyed it. Since then, I transfered to UCSB, received a B.A. in Business Economics with an emphasis in Accounting and a minor in Anthropology and I now work as a public accountant. I am taking photography classes in my spare time and pursuing an A.A. in Photography at Santa Monica College.

About f [o] stop

I created f [o] stop to share my photography with my friends, colleagues, and anyone else who might enjoy it. It took a while to get it looking how I wanted but the site is up and functional as of 11/20/2008. This site is meant to function as a photo blog, my take on a photo blog... I decided to include Exif data and a map because I'm often looking at other photos and always wonder exactly how and where it was shot. As you should be able to tell, I shoot a little bit of everything, but prefer landscape photography. The website was written in notepad and the design was made by Max Shuster, checkout his site, plusmasa. I hope you enjoy the site and feel free to contact me, marking[at]gmail.com.